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Crafted for
Complete Wellness

Our collection of tinctures exemplifies the harmonious blend of time-honored traditions and contemporary refinement. Regarded as liquid gold, they represent a fusion of ancient wisdom and cutting-edge technology. The outcome is potent infusions that pay homage to the artisanal practices of herbal craftsmanship and elixir production.

Elixir Treasures 

Why Tinctures?

With meticulous attention to potency, absorption, dosage, and preservation, our tinctures are spearheading a renaissance in the nutritional supplement market. They emerge as a superior product by fully unlocking the potential of herbal active ingredients. Tinctures distinguish themselves as the optimal method for utilizing herbs and plants for various compelling reasons:




Potent concentration from high levels of plant extract, allowing for powerful effectiveness in small, convenient doses.

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Bio - Available

The liquid formulation facilitates swift absorption with quicker and more effective results when compared to capsules or teas.


Synergistic &


The extract enhances herb effects, promotes synergy, and supports holistic properties by invigorating Qi.

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Our tinctures have minimal alcohol content, ensuring no adverse effects. 25 drops equal only one teaspoon of beer.

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