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The Founder

Florian Boschi. MSOM is the founder of Einheitskraft and creates herbal essences according to classic recipes. The beginnings grew out of a passion to create authentic herbal formula solutions rooted in simple health principles.


With nearly thirty years dedicated to plant wisdom, he brings together Eastern and Western herbalism and explores combinations that utilize the gifts of the plant kingdom.

His journey into traditional medicine began at the University of Vienna and took him to California, where he studied TCM and graduated as a licensed Chinese medicine doctor. Back in Austria, he looked for an integration of local herbs with the principles of Chinese medicine.

In his opinion, life should be simple, joyful and balanced.

Let's connect with the magic of herbs, elements and healing.

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Origin Story 

The symbolism of the snake is of great importance in ancient healing traditions. From the Rod of Asclepius to the Rod of Hermes to the bronze serpent of Judaism, these images share one root: three energies essential to health - strength, wisdom and abundance.


In Vedic teachings, this serpent is called Kundalini, and its three energies are represented by the rivers Yemunah, Saraswati, and Ganges, which meet in Prajagraj, India. This sacred crossing is said to have transformative power, unlocking the third eye and revealing unknown realms of consciousness.

Yemunah, springing from mystical mountains, carries strength and resilience. Saraswati, flowing from areas of knowledge, imparts insight and intellect. And the Ganges, the holiest river, offers purifying spirituality and abundance.

This universal energy unites not only in specific places, but in each of us, through the nervous system along our spines: Ida (left side), Pingala (right side) and Shushumna (in the middle from the crown to the sacrum).

At Einheitskraft, our mission is to saturate each tincture with this trinity of energies - extracting the strength of the herbs, imparting their wisdom, and awakening the body's ability to receive their abundance.

Our goal is for the body to thrive in the deep state of health that arises when these energies flow together. Our tinctures hold the power, wisdom and intention to optimize your well-being.


Discover a harmonious fusion of ancient wisdom and innovation in our carefully crafted tinctures. Our dedication to superior production is an artful journey, with an unusually high concentration of herbs.

In our herbal alchemy laboratory, each drop is the result of an elaborate maceration method that carefully extracts the botanical essence through ultrasound-assisted deep penetration.

Our specialized technology highlights satiety and potency, creating vibrant elixirs that resonate with the synergy of ancient wisdom and cutting-edge precision.

Handcrafted with love, our elixirs embody unwavering care. From the delicate dance between plant and liquid to the meticulous crafting of each batch, each bottle tells a story of attention and dedication.

Experience the realization of artistry and passion with every drop - an invitation to connect with the spirit of carefully combined herbs, their wisdom and their potency. A toast to the essential things in life and what we like to think of as far more than just a tincture!

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